zombie apocalypse

Technological crutches – This is getting ridiculous!

I bought a combined electronic thermometer-hygrometer. After checking out a couple of them before, I noticed that some of them have a feature that is almost comedically or sadly absurd: When temperature and humidity both rise above or fall below a certain level, a kind of smiley-face appears to indicate that the room climate is now generally uncomfortable – too wet or too dry.
Seriously?! Who needs a sensor to tell them whether a room climate is unpleasant? Don’t you think people have their own sensors for that? Don’t you think they can figure that out on their own?
And even if their senses are seriously disturbed, there still are the numbers, and all you have to know is which numbers are extremes, which should be common knowledge, especially for people who can’t figure out these things with their own body.

There seems to be no limit to how dumb and helpless you can assume people are. This is the wrong trend in an extreme. You need to give people opportunities for personal growth and responsibility, not make things easier for them that already are damn easy.

If we want to stop the zombie apocalpyse, we need to stop anything that tries to eat people’s brains like this.