Why do game designers do incredibly idiotic things?

You can watch my detailed video about it or read the summary below.

I recently got an SSD and only now realized the full magnitude to something that bothered me a while ago.

The game: The Witcher 3
This game featured plenty of eyebrow-furling things. Some of them got fixed later, but the really stupid stuff actually kept coming. I’ll only focus on one issue here though that has existed all the time since the game was released.

When you load a savegame, you get a simple 2D-animated sequence and a speaker recounts the story position at the time of the savestate. That animation looks a lot like scripted to eventually end in a loop state until the load process has finished.
When it does finish, for a brief moment a regular loading screen pops up, with a nice picture and a loading animation, which looks kinda sloppy, but shows that there actually is an alternative mode for this.

Well, here comes the kicker: To use one example, you watch a loading process where the speaker talks for 18 seconds and the whole process takes 43 seconds until the game has finished loading, with the animated sequence looping for the rest of the time.
Damn, this game has long load times!

No, actually not, it’s just trolling you by deliberately wasting your time. While the devs for some reason decided to later add subtitles to those sequences that you cannot turn off even if you want to because you’re not deaf and have seen that story bit plenty of times anyway, what they never did is AT LEAST add an info telling you when the loading process has finished and you can now enter the game if you press a key. That would be the MINIMUM. That could actually be an optional feature, but not really that important when the loading process isn’t of patience-testing length, which it wouldn’t be without this artificial delay.

Here is another minor example of bad design decisions: The game has super-beautiful graphics, but taking screenshots without UI requires (not-so-ideal) fan mods, while a low-budget indie game shows how it’s done.

Youtube channel trailers are mostly counter-productive and insincere

Youtube channel trailers have bothered me for a long time, but especially now since it seems Google has removed the channel count link next to a channel name on a video page that you could click on and get right to the video list, forcing me to go to the channel main page first.

But here’s the problem: Many channels have a channel trailer, and while my browser addon prevents regular autoplay, for some reason the channel trailer is excluded from that. If it’s actually what it is intended for, a channel trailer video, that might be fine, but in praxis that feature is mostly used for view-harvesting for certain videos.

The problem is not just the annoying autoplay that I don’t want: The video will be counted as viewed and added to the view history. Now that means that the video received a view, but I didn’t actually take notice of it, since I wanted to navigate to the channel’s video list anyway, and because it is now marked as watched, I very likely won’t actually watch it later either, since my history deceives me into thinking I already have. This might be a problem for channel owners who actually want people to take notice of their work, so this is ironic in a salomonic way.

UPDATE: Unbe-frickin-lievable! Now Youtube is even advertising adding a separate channel trailer for unsubscribed users. I now got that big field on my channel asking me to add one and an unnecessary summary view for subscribed users wasting space. Now I gotta figure out how to turn that new area off… if possible. Because naturally Google wouldn’t tell people to turn something off that they pushed onto them. That would have meant that they learned from the Google+ debacle.

And this happened right after I briefly considered letting the past be the past and publishing my comment activity on Google+. … Alright, no forgiveness for those who won’t learn.