Master-slave mindset blocking fruitful interaction

Fruitful communication often needs to work both ways. But I sometimes notice a phenomenon in interactions with people, actually not just limited to communication, but also cooperation, where they feel the need to establish a master-slave role distribution (meaning one-directional – one sender and one receiver). This would mean for example that as soon as you do an inquiry (asking a question), it will become difficult to make the other person accept a message from you. They, not in good control of their ego, probably due to a frequent habit of using it in order to achieve success in our society, will begin to assume the role of the ‘wiser’, the ‘superior’.
The same can happen when seeking someone out for help. Personally I had this a lot where I eventually realized they are more in need for my help than the other way round, and that we could actually help each other due to this, but at that point they already were in a mindset that they were supposed to provide a service, thus seeing me as an inferior.

I want to again remind you that ideally we are all teacher and student at the same time.
This requires that when someone comes to you for any kind of help, you accept it as a new life experience, by being open and perceptive to what’s in it for you. Everything that happens in your life can start having a meaning/purpose if you allow it. This raises the value of your experience in this life and thus appreciation for it, and in turn the people involved. This can help cultivating humility, empathy and serenity.

The less you live the student role through the course of your life, the higher the need for that that may arise, and vice versa.
Remember, health comes from balance. You can be at your best (while maximizing other people’s chances to be, too) when everything is present in just the right amount.

Europeans are so stupid ;-)

Funny and sad anecdote. Something I just remembered from some time ago.

A German ‘journalist’ was mocking Americans for being so unbelievably stupid. He found it hilarious and a confirmation of all the stereotypes.

The story?

There was a debate over whether Obama was qualified for being president. The journalist tried to make a case for how absurd it is to imagine any flaw in the new messiah by explaining that there are actually Americans who claim that Obama should not become president because he is an extraterrestrial! OMG LOL ROFL FACEPALM!

What had happened?

Only people who were born with the US nationality are allowed to become president. Not foreigners, immigrants or such. That moron of a wannabe-journalist had read the statement “Obama is an alien.” and only knew the Sci-Fi popculture meaning of that word; and didn’t care to look into it a bit more.

Enjoy the delicious irony.

There are so many potential morals to the story, but one is that if you feel superior, you better make damn sure you can back it up, haha.