Super Meat Boy

Too late, GamersGate.

Tragic, but underlining a point of my frequent complaint:

Steam has that weird habit of sending e-mail notification for wishlist game discounts only for select types of discounts. Most, like “special promotion” or “daily deal” are trying to hide for some reason. Well, their problem. Though, often I happen to check my wishlist on my own and discover discounts. Maybe I shouldn’t, but never mind.
So I discovered that Super Meat Boy had Daily Deal – 80% off, running for ~24 of the 48 hours. So I bought it. An hour or so later I went to bed.

Now GamersGate DOES have a properly (with exceptions, lol) working notification system. BUT they did the same potential mistake that HumbleBundle does and waits many hours before notifying people of discounts. So today I discover that really just 10 minutes after I turned off my computer to hit the hay, I got an e-mail from GamersGate notifying me that Super Meat Boy went on sale there, too, for 3,49 EUR, but I got a stackable Halloween discount code from them that would have brought it to the exact same price as on Steam. And GamersGate’s discount had been running many hours before I discovered it on Steam and bought it there.

From my recent experiences it seems that ALL game shops are grossly inept at taking opportunities and making profit that way.