The Powerpuff Girls being lawful stupid

There are various Powerpuff Girls episodes that I could comment on about how much is wrong with them, but there is one where the theme of it bugs me so much because it has a connection to what’s going wrong in real life, so I’d like to elaborate:

The episode is “Bought and Scold”. This is one messed-up Powerpuff Girls epispode. But as I hinted at, it also shows how messed up the world can be and how easy it can be to fool people in the most obvious way and get away with it. (e.g. with the “monetary system” pyramid scheme)

Here’s what happened:
Princess, the spoiled brat of a rich father, becomes mayor. Her daddy bought the office from the mayor. This could be seen as very cynical, since it’s not legit at all. But this is still just the realm of usual PPG writing simplicity, since you just have to accept that the mayor is also pretty much the owner of the city.
The Ganggreen Gang starts harassing kids in school and the PPG learn that Princess has become mayor and officially declared crime legal. Tons of crime-committing and voluntary freeing of prison inmates ensues. This is where it begins to really get messed up. Because the prisoners are serving their prison sentence for crimes they committed when they were still illegal. So now one has to assume that the new law is meant retroactively.

The PPG have a total mind blockage and are sad that they can’t do anything. While I despair watching this, because they could just beat up Princess and throw her in jail, since that’s not a crime anymore. This would have resolved the situation immediately and in a very ironic way, or you could even call it Salomonic wisdom.
But it didn’t happen, and this is like a metaphor for the world where people are so much trapped in an authority-follower mindset that they are unable to just do what is right and make that their authority. Too scared to take responsibility for their actions. That mindset reveals how many so-called law-abiding citizens are actually anarchists, since they freely accept tyrants as legit, while they’d have plenty of reasons not to do so. They are basically the villains, the crooks. … We are all anarchists at the core. If we choose to give up our freedoms, that is our own decision.

So eventually the PPG realize a solution: They steal all the stuff from Princess’ residence, thus making her become the victim of her own new law. Not really what I had hoped for, because this is what happens next:
Princess is all whiny and wants the stuff back to avoid making her dad angry, so she writes a new law making crime illegal again. At this point they finally ruined the opportunity to unmake all the idiocy, since they again acknowledged the legitimacy of the usurpation of the mayor office, which makes the PPG villains, too. (Unless you consider buying the mayor office legal, which you could do in the context of the show and it would still make the episode messed up.) Well, anyway, with the new law they go out and start punishing and rounding up. Not only reactively, but they also for example beat up the Ganggreen Gang that was at the time just chilling on a playground. So this sends the message that the new law, too, is to be understood retroactively, making all past committed actions of malice crimes, too.

But THEN the writers break with this very principle that has been validated twice in the episode:
Princess wants all the stuff back before her dad wakes up and makes trouble, but the PPG claim that they made everything right but that apparently none of the crooks took her stuff. She then realizes that the PPG were the ones who took her stuff and talks about having them arrested, and then comes the whammy: They say she can’t do that since they took her stuff while crime was legal, so she can’t do anything and all her stuff is the PPG’s now! And now it’s Princess’ turn to have a total mind blockage. She begs she’d do anything and thus she gives up the mayor office and gets her stuff back.

Isn’t that blackmail? Or bribery? That’s not unlike how Princess got the mayor position in the first place.
So is crime legal now, or not?
The PPG would have to put themselves in jail now. The outrageous hypocrisy: Obeying the law when it’s crooked, but not obeying that same law when it doesn’t serve your own agenda.

The truth is: Monarchy, democracy, republic, dictatorship, theocracy … they’re all built on anarchy. They’re all ideas offered to the people that you can follow or not, but it’s your decision. Many democracies these days are actually anarchist bully-style oppression schemes where a complicit majority doesn’t allow the minority to live high values of humaneness. Where it’s “Vote Dick Tator for President!”.

It’s really sad when superheroes are protrayed as easy victims of such mind games. Especially superheroes like the PPG who so often like to resolve issues by beating people up. I couldn’t even comfortably call them lawful neutral, since they don’t have a proper understanding of the law. They are more like lawful stupid, at least in this episode. And that’s a problem that so many people share and why we have so much suffering in the world.

P.S.: Ms. Keane is generally the icon of what is wrong with many teachers and how much harm they are doing. But that’s another story.

The Mutual Fools Game

I’ve read an article about Malcolm X and realized how similar my experience/perception is to his.

The article mentioned that he talked about a game of “You fool me and I fool you”. I tend to refer to this as the wearing of masks, but in more detail, I recently gained an even stronger awareness of how this game works. (I understood long ago; I’m just talking about renewed awareness here.)

‘Weak’ people have emotional attachments – they strive for comfort and convenience; they shun discomfort. Others know how to exploit that for their own gain. It’s basically some egoists exploiting other egoists as well as altruists. And the game ‘works’ with those that decide to join it. It’s a deadly game, but within its parameters it works. The real threat is when someone doesn’t play along. You attack one node and others will compensate.

One good example of this mutual fooling is censorship of vulgarity on TV – the bleeping. By now everybody knows the word that is being bleeped, they probably even hear it in their head when they hear a bleep, yet they keep this idiocy up, because acting realistically would cause too much discomfort in a lot of egocentric TV viewers and thus in the entertainment businesses, too.

Oh wow, I just realized a perfect, classical analogy for this problem: The Emperor’s New Clothes.
You might think these days everybody would point out he is not wearing clothes, but that would be foolish, too. The Emperor is an authority figure. Today there are similar situations, often similarly ridiculous, and the number of people willing to point out the obvious truth is small. Naturally, in the story, it is a child’s untainted perception that does it. It hasn’t learned about the things it is supposed to be afraid of yet. A free mind. Sometimes people accept this in children because they secretly envy their purity, but when problems are growing as they are now, they start to become afraid of their children and try to corrupt them as soon as possible to prevent them from being an uncomfortable reminder of what is healthy.

Another good exemplary case is Obama. Hyped by a psychologically optimized marketing campaign as the champion of black people, the giver of hope. (The word “hope” is really starting to bother me, because it is often a tool for personal disempowerment and rejection of responsibility.) Rock star Obama. This created such a powerful emotional attachment, people projecting their personal ideas of what he supposedly embodies, that you now, still, have many millions of people in a severe state of denial, busy finding excuses and justifications for the things Obama does that don’t fit into their ideas. They are trying to avoid mental-emotional discomfort, which is a very selfish motivation, and based in fear.

Then there’s the related case of Obama having been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – in advance! Which is ludicrous. They said that they hope this will give an impulse/incentive/inspiration for him to actually live up to it. This is extreme denial based on an equally extreme attachment. With this, the Nobel prize committee is serving their own egoistical desires of avoiding discomfort. They, too, are signaling Obama that he got them in his pocket. His mental slaves. Enslaved by the mere fear of some discomfort. So much for fighting the enslavement of the black people, hah. You say “Who’d have thought a black man would become president one day?”. I say: “Who’d have thought a black man would become a mass enslaver one day?” … Well, I’d have. Because why not? I don’t delude myself. I don’t fuel the bitter irony of judging by skin color.

There are so many other cases of the same control games. Sometimes it can seem difficult to find an oasis of health in that environment. Especially if people are put to the test, once the mutual fools game of telling each other and yourself lies is broken and actions drown out words.

I tell you, it’s not at all a pleasant feeling to repeatedly see your cynicism being confirmed as realism. But this is a discomfort I prefer over sacrificing the truth. No matter how bad the situation is, you gotta act based on it, and if you don’t, it will only get worse.
Sadly, when things go down that road, it’s usually the knowing ones who become the first victims. Because at that point, people will be so much in the grasp of fear that they will passionately feed their inner demons.

Those who kick downwards in the power structure are the problem. Those who punch upwards are the solution.
People are deluding themselves into believing they found a comfortable way of being courageous.

They are fools.

Courage is – by definition – uncomfortable.

Like Malcolm X, I want to be remembered as sincere.
(Although – and this SHOULD go without saying – more important to me than being remembered as sincere is to actually be sincere.)

Another important thing to point out is that this popular system of wearing masks is also what makes it possible for sociopaths to succeed. They’re merely gaming the system. When you cannot or don’t want to see past a mask, then you cannot know what’s under it, if anything at all.