This video’s message sounds great, but it is painfully naive/foolish

I’ll mostly write my Youtube comment here. It is important to not happily stumble into more of the same folly, and that video bothers me a lot. It’s like a bullshit indoctrination commercial for more of the same insanity. I guess that it was basically funded by Bill Gates speaks for itself.

0:59 Everything changed with the industrial revolution? LOL! Zero sum/positive sum is all in the mind and it never changed because the people with power were and are still craving more, more, MORE as always. And it’s still zero sum if there’s just a temporary growth, if the sum cannot grow indefinitely and sustainably. This is exactly the mind’s folly that keeps perpetuating the problems. The solution is not “positive sum”, but ‘doesnmattersum’. Transcending the thinking that creates the problem.
1:50 More of this BS, claiming the growth of prosperity is continuing today when we see violent conquest and mass theft of all kinds as a way of life for certain countries. (Also, I guess once someone dies, they fall out of the statistic of how many things people own, hah.)
3:03 And there we see that what’s called “positive sum world” is just a choice of what speed of change to label as such and what not. Again, it’s an attitude and perception thing. With the speed of change came more pressure by the limited ‘confines’ of this planet and more total power of greed, so guess what the bottom line is: same. No change to society if it’s all external. But back then we had the same problems, and since there were less people living on the planet, it was just as foolish and sick. Or did we forget the rule of monarchs in their lavish castles and the miserable poverty among the People? Without that crap you could go and call those times a positive sum world. But since we still have that crap today, I don’t see a distinction as valid.
Videos like this emerge from minds too enamoured by science and technology and not enough by spirituality. (And I don’t mean the label, the mass culture, I mean the looking inwards, the very personal, the part where you actually discover your own bullshit.)
4:30 Oh yeah of course, now the cancer cure clichée. – Billions of dollars have been flowing and are still flowing into developing new lucrative treatments while dodging the cures. Raising people’s financial power against cancer doesn’t drive cures, but treatments, unless the People stop being tools, which I don’t see happening because the masses are way too emotionally convenient and are sometimes rather willing to die than to give up a convenient belief that makes them sick.

Gist of the video: ‘We need more money for the existing system! More money for everybody will solve everything!’ – so frickin’ naive and insane. In part because it is imagining a reality that cannot even come to pass because of the very system that is being glorified in the video.

Blizzard never rests … getting worse

Topic: reserved character names.
The unimaginative self-victimizing spineless whiners who would call reserving a character name using an idle char “passive griefing” to claim it is against the rules have won. As usual. But it might not even be directly this pathetic personality trait that was the reason. At the core, Blizzard cares about profits, and gamemasters having to manually deal with requests cost money, so now instead of acting mature and setting a standard, they cater to that mindset that is so close to their own by automating the process. And automation means it is being done. And the conditions are appalling:


“Requesting a Name be Released for Reuse

We often receive requests from players to free up a character name. Customer Support will no longer assist with releasing names. Instead, names will automatically become available if the account that holds the name has remained inactive for the past two expansions.

For example, if an account has been inactive since before the Cataclysm expansion, all names on that account will be made available when the Warlords of Draenor expansion launches.

If you are an active player, there is no need to worry that your character names will be changed, even if you have been playing other characters for a while.
Updated: 27-Jul-2015
Article ID: 200790 ”

Notice how it doesn’t say anything about character level. So if you found an awesome name that you can identify with, leveled the char to 85, got tons of achievements and rep and stuff, then stopped playing, and are now coming back to Warlords of Draenor, you might find your level 85 character has had its name taken away and given on a silver plate to a brat with a bloated sense of entitlement. Because that’s the target audience Blizzard caters to and always has. Some people just don’t understand that Blizzard doesn’t respect them, despite their best efforts to make that clear, like said case. If you are inactive for a longer time, you just don’t matter to them. Even though they lost tons of subscribers lately. They have given up and don’t expect you to return to the game anyway, so don’t be a fool and even consider it if you have any self-respect. They fully focus on the “whales” (rich and/or addicted) now. Supporting such a business has negative consequences for all of humankind and the world.

The nail in the coffin for my WoW subscription years ago was actually because of more automation and ensuing disrespect when a game master eventually talked total bullshit to me (as people usually do when reason collides with lowly motivations).

Any temptation there might have been for me to re-sub has been thoroughly averted by my self-respect. And preserving my self-respect even under severe pressure is an actual achievement.

Sidenote: RP is supposed to nourish creativity, but WoW isn’t really what role playing games used to be. People who complain that “all the good names are in use” are too stubborn to not have it 100% their way. They should just practice some creativity, which would work if the will was there.

I am probably the gold standard, because I have a hard time coming up with character names that are not unique, haha. xD

Bug made WoW quest better

WoW is so bad these days that a bug actually made a quest more fun (oldschool).

This quest is a nod to Don Quixote. You assist Maximillian and eventually face a huge dinosaur, and you two flee horseback and have to defeat the ‘dragon’ by throwing rocks at it (and occasionally stomp-stunning it to gain some distance), each of which reduced its health by maybe 0.1%. It fit the whole absurd theme of the quest chain so much, how it took minutes of riding around, aggroing all kinds of bystanding wildlife, and eventually killing a huge t-rex by throwing hundreds, maybe even thousands of tiny rocks at it. It’s almost a parody of the whole boss battle mechanics in WoW where you hit often huge bosses with your tiny weapons until they die.

I shared my excitement about this quest with my guildmates, because that quest felt so oldschool, so unconventional, so immersive, making you a part of an odd experience so totally not like the dull streamlined and idiot-proof quest design pattern one usually encounters in WoW.
And then my guildmates asked why I didn’t just throw armor pieces. And I was like: “Huh? What armor pieces?”. They told me Maximillian should have given me some armor pieces to throw at the beast, which would have reduced its health by a big chunk. But I couldn’t remember anything like that.

So back then I wondered: Could I really have overlooked it; missed the moment where Max activated the armor-throw option for me? I doubted that, so I assumed that at the early time when I did the quest, Blizzard might not have added that option and added it later. I thought it was lame of them to massively nerf the fun out of that quest.

Now I read the comments on that website and realize… it was just a common bug that made the armor-throw not work. It was unintended.
But it was a lot more fun. (Although the impatient whiney babies that Blizzard attracts with the game who want everything fed on a silver spoon and shun any type of effort would disagree.)
When I later tried the quest again, I had the armor-throw option, and it filled me with a feeling of disappointment. As if I had been given a quest completion coupon that I simply had to redeem at a machine. It took the spirit out of the quest.

And this is one of hundreds of examples of how Blizzard kills the game’s soul. (Which was never remarkably strong, but the creative designers clearly try to put their passion into the game to the degree they’re allowed to do.)

If you wanted me to concisely summarize what I think is wrong with WoW, I would say: WoW is absolutely not like indie games. That’s what’s wrong.