customer orientation

Lack of customer-orientation in web design / marketing

One more encounter in regards to that. Businesses not really trying to appeal.

Wanted to check out Final Fantasy 14. Went to their website. Before anything else, before knowing about the game, I was ‘greeted’ with an unwanted popup, wanting me to buy the game or download the trial version. I clicked that away and then got an empty page telling me – Error, cookies not activated – and that was a dead end. I had lost interest at that point. I simply wanted to watch some screenshots, maybe read some text, and the very first thing is them throwing several layers of unnecessary hassle in my face.

If a person does that, you simply walk away, shaking your head. And that’s what I do with businesses, too. I don’t need even more interaction with disturbed characters than the internet already unavoidably provides. I will wait for positive surprises instead and give those my full attention.

Web derpvelopment

Not really derp actually, but an egocentric, arrogant, deceptive mindset I see spreading.

Soundcloud worked fine. Until today I realized that ANY Soundcloud URL accesses with my Firefox browser would lead to an error page:

“Sorry! Something went wrong. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?”

My network is fine. And outdated browser? Waterfox 30 (64 bit version of Firefox). Hardly. Hah, well since over the years I have developed a keen IT sense for this kind of stuff, for the politics behind web development, I could predict what would happen.

As I predicted, when I launched my (some would say) outdated (I would say “trusty and smart”) Opera 12 browser and tried Soundcloud, it worked fine.

As I predicted, when I activated cookies for Soundcloud on Waterfox, it worked fine, too. I know they would want me to activate cookies for their website, but wouldn’t want to admit to that openly, but rather give me some poor excuse.

I don’t claim to know every line of thought behind this in detail, but the fact that I knew what would work is telling.

Furthermore, as I predicted, Soundcloud access using Opera 12 would work despite cookies being deactivated there.

There’s a certain irony here, but regardless of how much of what’s going on behind the scenes is conscious action, the results reveal the driving mindset at the core. Opera 12 is just too old to design a website for it to NOT work without cookies, thus that older browser does not cooperate with whatever cookie-based obstacle they put in place. It is very common for websites to complain if you don’t have cookies activated, but then why did Soundcloud not consider that possibility in their error message, when it was THE reason for the error message to appear? Why are they playing dumb?