Water is smart. Smartwater is dumb.

One of the dumbest and most popular tactics of the deceiver is to tell the exact opposite of the truth. It is based in a fear of having the truth become obvious, so its opposite is being enforced with plenty of words and fancy eyecandy and such.
It doesn’t take a genius to realize that when in a country with overall bad tap water Coca Cola sells water, it would be at the very least facepalm-inducing.

The product they sell is like a self-parody. It reminds me a bit of the movie “Idiocracy” ( ) where people eventually tried to water their fields with energy drinks “because it has electrolytes”. I could even imagine this movie having been inspired by products like it.

Here, read their marketing orgasm for yourself:

“glacéau smartwater
glacéau smartwater is inspired by the way mother nature makes water, known as the hydrologic cycle. we simulate this process by vapor distilling water, making every drop as pure as the very first drop of rain (before it passes through pollutants, of course). if that’s not smart enough, we then one-up mother nature by adding in electrolytes for a clean crisp taste. if that sounds like genius, it is. smartwater is smart because it’s made that way.”

( )

The lack of capital letters, by the way, is intentional. They do it for that product line. That’s corporate marketing for you. All about appearances.
Well, the idiot is by design not smart enough to conceil his idiocy, thus a sentence like
“if that sounds like genius, it is.”
Well guess what: It doesn’t sound like genius, so by your own words, it is not. (Sarcastically speaking, it is no surprise that someone who doesn’t know how to use capital letters also doesn’t know how to use proper sentence-logic.)

So what they do is take water with all its natural ingredients, all the minerals and trace elements, then remove everything, only leaving chemically pure H2O, and then re-adding a tiny fraction of that richness, and then sell the result for a high price.

Probably the only thing that keeps this from being the dumbest drinking water ever (unless we talk about it being deviously smart to sell this to the gullible and get rich) is the adding of electrolytes, although they don’t specify which they are, and they add them for the wrong reason – for taste – as if to spite their nutritional relevance, thus perverting nature. (Electrolytes can mean minerals. I seem to remember the label of such a bottle and it was one or two basic substances only.)

There’s also purely distilled drinking water being sold. And I learned as a kid that if you drink several liters of distilled water, you die because the radical change in osmotic pressure in your body cells destroys them. In a less radical scenario: I have seen people drink such distilled water after doing sports. They expel significant amounts of minerals with their sweat, and then by drinking just distilled water, they don’t replenish that. They will drive themselves into an unnecessarily big hunger. Why not just drink the really smart water, the way Earth provides it? If it’s not spoiled, that would be tap water, but it is also known as mineral water.

When I was on Hawaii, at Wal Mart, they had various waters there, and the healthiest water there was often sold out. Not because people understand its value, but because it was the cheapest. Yes, spring water was the cheapest water there, while water robbed of all its valuable ingredients was among the most expensive.