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These are the sites of my internet presence. Please consider subscribing to them. Audience gives me great motivation to grow and unfold much more of my dormant talent.  You can always unsubscribe if something doesn’t vibe with you later, but you might miss nice stuff if you never tried. 🙂

DONATIONS DEFEAT DEPRESSION – I have a donation link on Twitch, and one on my website with more detailed information.

This blog – All kinds of refined blogworthy thoughts on various topics. Basically small essays.

YouTube – Plenty of content; mostly humorous MLP-related creative videos, but also some other older stuff and some new gems about other topics.

deviantART – Plenty of content here, too. Again mostly (but not exclusively) MLP-related art, since that show ignited my creative spark.

Tumblr – All visual-based material that I don’t deem suitable for deviantART, like e.g. caption pictures of a more commentary nature.

MLP blog – Blog mainly about thoughts and experiences related to My Little Pony. Strong focus on inspiration and entertainment, honoring the positive spirit of the show.

General blog – Less refined semi-spontaneous thoughts that don’t fit Twitter’s 140-character limit.

Steam profile – My community profile on Valve’s online game distribution platform.

Twitch.tv gaming livestream Really aiming to do some of those. Just might need some sincere interest from people and/or have to tap into my past childlike carelessness again.

Picarto.tv art livestream – I might be joining some multichannel streamings for drawing fun and relaxed hanging-out. If you register, you can follow and get notified via e-mail when I’m streaming.

Twitter – Here you stay updated about my creative actitivy, but I’m also using it for lightening your day with the occasional brief thought of inspirational and/or entertaining nature.

Reddit – Currently serves mostly the same function as Twitter in a different style: to keep you updated. If you use Reddit but not Twitter, this would be helpful to you.  ( I won’t post my tweets there though. ^^ )

Cheezburger – Full of caption pictures I used to make during my active time there. I kinda dislike the place now, but it’s still a nice collection of funny stuff, and you see the commenting activity about them and such.

Image repository – My own webspace/domain. Here I store most of my caption pictures and animated GIFs about MLP and other topics. Contains some more caption pictures and a lot more animated GIFs than what I publish on deviantART.

Main website – My own website, at this point a link hub for all my web presences and creative outlets.

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