Month: May 2021

Diet health bomb, no survivors – (Ideal in times of misery and [di]stress)

Heathy gut biome (and diet in general) is the root, the key, to overall health. Especially important in times of misery like recently.
I present to you the latest optimization of my daily or every-other-day (what’s the word for that?) drink:

That’s self-fermented kefir with pure cocoa and sweetened with erythritol.
(500 ml kefir, 1 daringly heaped teaspoon of cocoa powder, 3 level teaspoons of erithritol)

Real kefir is nothing like that Kalinka stuff in the supermarket which is labeled “mild”. (Same system with yoghurt mild. – Made with starter powder consisting of a more or less meager microbiome.)
– Let it ferment for a long time (until the milk components start separating) and there will be almost no lactose left.
– You can optionally use…
— goat milk (no casein, although allegedly that’s a lot less with grass fed animals)
— grass fed (the animal’s food reflects in its products)
— high fat milk (complements the low-carb nature of this drink and tends to dissuade the body from converting protein into sugar due to lack of other energy sources)
— ESL or fresh instead of superheated (But if you choose no-homo*, the cream might create a smeary film on everything – a hassle. I personally prefer organic grass-fed 3.8% ESL homogenized cow milk.)
— organic / non-GMO

Instant cocoa drink powder is mainly just glucose and most of the rest is other sugar, i.e. extremely fast sugar, causing insulin spike which is the root of so many problems. (Industry-pushed addiction mechanism.)
Pure cocoa means almost all the weight is actually cocoa. It is very rich in antioxidants and minerals (especially zinc which is crucial for a strong immune system) and supports the generating of happy- and sleep hormones.
It is also surprisingly rich in fiber, which helps with the fact that kefir doesn’t have any. (Alternatively you could add a bit of psyllium husks for that.)
Cocoa has lots of fat and protein and only moderate carbs of which almost none are sugar. (Kefir itself is kinda even in those three, and the longer you ferment, the less of the quick lactose will be in it.)

Erythritol is one of the few sugar alcohols that do not cause an insulin response at all, i.e. not only is it not sugar, but it also has virtually no calories. I am using one that has a tiny bit of stevia in it (also virtually no carb) in order to bring its sweetening power up to sucrose (table sugar). (Stevia alone has a bitter-ish aftertaste.)
Xylitol would be a taste alternative without erythritol’s cooling effect (mostly pure on the tongue only), but it has an insulin effect – roughly 40% of sucrose I think, so kinda defeating the low-carb purpose a bit.
But maybe you can adjust your taste buds and don’t need sweetener at all. I only added it ‘for science’, and it tastes nice, but I can also enjoy it without. The kefir buffers the cocoa’s mild bitterness nicely.
Don’t overdo erythritol. Some people might get diarrhea from it, although less so than with other sugar alcohols. (Then again, that’s not always bad, and drinking kefir for the first time might trigger it, too, because your body can finally get rid of some baggage. – Then you need good renutrition. Same as after a period. It’s always a loss of resources.)

*) non-homogenized

DISCLAIMER (sigh): This is not professional health advice. (duh) – For that you have to try to find a doctor who is competent.

Special thanks to Dr. Eric Berg on Youtube (who is only a doctor in chiropractics) who I now consider my general practitioner (paired with my own gumption) after repeated disappointments with local doctors and the healthcare system in general. – Why am I paying so much money for it?

‘Life hack’ for those vexing empty mayo bottles | Mayo-milk yummy!

Some rest you can get out with a knife at the opening, but not all.

ADD SOME MILK, shake it (it emulsifies because milk is already a water-fat emulsion), and pour in style using the cap hole, or drink straight from the bottle.
Mayo-milk – super-yummy! – And not just for bottle cleaning. Of course you can also do this for bottles that are not quite empty.  
I would almost call mayo-milk a decent replacement for vanilla milk, because it tastes very rich, sweet and creamy.

Plus, if you care, it produces cleaner waste, because then you merely have to briefly flush it with water and it’s gonna be clean.

P.S.: Try to avoid mayo with E385 (EDTA). It’s not good. There are a few alternatives that somehow don’t require it. Even ones with oils that are said to spoil quicker. (I have seen a tube mayo based on only canola oil and it does not have such preservatives.)

The very revealing idiot lingo of warmism

Language shapes thought and thought shapes language.

Style of language is a reflection of intellect.

Sometimes simplifications are made for practicality, but often for mental convenience, and according to the principle mentioned, it serves to further dumb down the thought behind it.

And a lot of very telling idiot lingo can be found in the bigoted ‘warmism’ (here an example of practical simplification) agenda.

There is the “climate change denier” that implies the ideological enemies refuse to accept that climate change is a thing even though it is an inherent property of the climate to be always-changing. That is part of nature, of the dynamic, living system. And this of course also ties into the rhetorical switcharoo where “global warming” turned into “climate change” so that it becomes universally applicable to any type of change and thus has potential to be perpetuated indefinitely as well as allows to lump opposite phenomena into the same agenda. The core claim of warming effects has not changed.

Then there is the cringy shortening which already expressed quite clearly the dumbing down of the intellect: “climate denier”. A term that implies there are people who deny that climate even exists. “Climate” becomes the indiscriminate label and anyone who objects to anything carrying that label can be called a denier.

Then there is maybe the term most telling about the core problem behind the whole agenda: “harmful to the climate”. This is nonsensical because the climate is a concept, a measurement, a description of overall weather states on a large timescale. By definition you cannot harm the climate because whatever it is is what it is supposed to be. It cannot end. But when bigots use the term “climate denier”, you can see how that line of thought could be entertained by them. Like ‘they want to kill the climate’.

This is almost suitable as a koan: “What would the world be without climate?”

What is actually meant with all that idiot lingo but which warmists rarely want to talk about is something that ties into documented spreading trends of mental afflictions that take great issue and experience distress with change.
But even if we don’t want to examine it as such a clear-cut pathology, the psychology behind it is fear of change. Because of a general awareness and experience of this world’s societies overall running like crap, being under capitalist scarcity torment, people have no confidence that such a system can handle changes well without many people suffering and dying. And thus the mind goes into an extreme state, arbitrarily and self-servingly chooses the ‘current’ climate that our current crappy system is built on and managing, what we have grown accustomed to as ideal based on own preference and what we know, as the ‘healthy’ state of climate that needs to be preserved because it is ‘normal’. Of course then any weather extreme, whether hot or cold, will be condemned as abnormal and caused by that devil CO2. (And BTW, since CO2 is a typical product of industrial activity, it is of course irresistible for the politically green to demonize.)

I have even seen a weather ‘expert’ on TV talk about many areas where the weather this year has been “too cold” or “too hot”. In the same breath. It was simply all relativized to agriculture and with the climate label slapped on it and thereby, ironically, capitalist dictates defined climate policy. If only that wicked ‘excess’ CO2 wasn’t causing a mess everywhere, then there would be no dry summers or wet summers but only just-right summers. ‘Healthy’, ‘normal’ summers.

The warmism ideology actually furthers a crippling of our ability to improve the situation because it is waging war on change, which is nature. It is like the tree that gets uprooted in a storm while the leaves of grass bend gracefully and thereby prevail. And with that mentality it is iconically fascist-totalitarian. Only one rigid state of things tolerated and enforced.
If you removed all human CO2 generation and didn’t tell them, they would still panic over the end of the world, purely based on natural weather fluctuations.

Like so many crazy ideologies emerging from the USA’s society due to a profound problem at its root, this one is lusting for world domination and could never tolerate becoming obsolete. Just like capitalism.
And then it also makes perfect sense to see Extinction Rebellion jump on board with their supposed enemies, US-corporate-imperialists, and promote their propaganda lies against a socialist country (Bolivia), simply because it feeds into their eco-do-gooder image campaign that furthers their power. – Because it is all a power trip, multi-faceted, because by misanthropically condemning humankind’s actions, we are telling us what great power we have. And the more powerful the opponent, the more powerful oneself has to be, which is a wonderful justification for just about any deed committed in pursuit of it.

Capitalism IS what people describe as corruption. It is the iconic ideology of fear. And fear makes stupid. And stupidity leads to people acting against their own best interest for the profit of a few manipulators. It bribes with short-term profits for all, which is especially tempting for people of weak virtue in a state of existential worry.
Anyone and anything can be corrupted when fear is allowed to determine the course of actions. When the root motivation isn’t pure, when there isn’t constant humble devotion towards work to keep it pure. It has to be a constant function, integrated into the character. If you try to find a shortcut, that already is corruption, too.

Love lives abundance. First in the mind, then through action on the outside.
Corporate fascism and eco-fascism are a powerful team of Master Fear, because both see the salvation in preaching scarcity. Both glorify ever-greater efficiency of processes, i.e. managing a perceived/created state of not having enough.
You could say, this form of environmentalism is capitalism’s progressive youth movement. It is about as distant from true environmentalism as Bernie Sanders is from socialism. (But this point is another story about perpetuation of what the USA have always been.)