Month: December 2014

Europeans are so stupid ;-)

Funny and sad anecdote. Something I just remembered from some time ago.

A German ‘journalist’ was mocking Americans for being so unbelievably stupid. He found it hilarious and a confirmation of all the stereotypes.

The story?

There was a debate over whether Obama was qualified for being president. The journalist tried to make a case for how absurd it is to imagine any flaw in the new messiah by explaining that there are actually Americans who claim that Obama should not become president because he is an extraterrestrial! OMG LOL ROFL FACEPALM!

What had happened?

Only people who were born with the US nationality are allowed to become president. Not foreigners, immigrants or such. That moron of a wannabe-journalist had read the statement “Obama is an alien.” and only knew the Sci-Fi popculture meaning of that word; and didn’t care to look into it a bit more.

Enjoy the delicious irony.

There are so many potential morals to the story, but one is that if you feel superior, you better make damn sure you can back it up, haha.

A Study in Reality Denial

An example of how much many people are willing to completely abandon perception of obvious reality in order to satisfy their personal unhealthy attitudes.

First, in order to understand the degree of sickness that can be found in games like World of Warcraft (but also in the outside world) imagine yourself in this situation:

You’re standing in front of the post office, talking to a friend. Suddenly someone approaches you and says: “Move!”. You: “Eh, what? Why?” He: “You jerk are blocking sight of my destination.” You: “No need to be rude. What’s the problem with blocking your sight? You can just walk around us, there’s no problem at all.” He: “Pal, I’m not arguing here. Just move, OK? Don’t be a dick by making life harder for everybody.” You: “What’s wrong with you? Why the hell don’t you just walk around us? The post office is right there. It’s impossible to miss.” He: “Alright, I asked you a very simple thing, but apparently you want to annoy people. I will call the police and tell them about what you are doing here. They will lock you up for at least a week.”

Yeah, this is reality. People are doing that.

I was in World of Warcraft on my free-to-play account, in Ironforge where the Chistmas presents are available for opening. The usual scene there is that it is very crowded, with dozens of players idling right in front of the presents, blocking sight – but not access, since a long time ago the game was modified so that you can click any interactive object even if a player is standing right on it.
Occasionally a player would park their huge mount right on the presents to troll people. More often, others are just not considerate enough to realize they’re standing on an object.

This problem can be solved by zooming into first person view and/or just approaching the presents from the backside where not a single player was standing, but that would have required people to use their brain – something that is increasingly resented in WoW, and the game further caters to that trend.

So I was watching and doing my creative brainstorming, and I eventually figured out that I could use my proto drake mount to align myself in an odd angle that made it stem its foot against Santa’s chair and span its wing over him like an umbrella. Beautiful.
So I did that.

WoWScrnShot_122514_215530 (position example)

And then the shitstorm started.

You see, WoW attracts the worst kind of people and encourages unhealthy tendencies, so there were tons of people who totally felt like they had to satisfy their need for practicing righteous indignation and restoring neat and tidy total order for their personal ideas of how the world should be. Apparently the game lore with the fanatic Scarlet Crusade hasn’t taught them anything.

So what happened was that very many people totally ignored the fact that I wasn’t even visually blocking Santa or the presents and kept rudely bothering and insulting me via whispers and says and bathing in their own arrogance and supposed moral superiority.

Amusingly, every now and then someone would use some kind of toy to make all the players standing around there start to cry. It was so appropriate.

Not kidding: One guy even said I am ruining people’s Christmas with what I’m doing. Total insanity!

“Simple as that” – Words of denial
WoWScrnShot_122514_221613 (Simple as that - The words of denial)

Another one complained that on Alliance side the presents are positioned against a wall. That realization – which isn’t even that relevant – would already have contained the solution – to take a look at the free backside of the area. But people only see what they want to see.
I had opened 50 presents earlier, under worse conditions, without making a fuss. Seriously, it’s like people complaining on Easter that the eggs are hidden.

At some point they started making up obvious lies about people having gotten banned earlier the day for it. They just couldn’t stand the idea that they might not get their way, so they decided to move into a power-trippy phantasy world.
This triumphant crying for the authorities whenever something touches people’s control issues is making things easier for fascism.
When the next tyranny succeeds, blame the common rabble.

One or two people who whispered me first called me names, saying how ugly and evil I am, and then finished by wishing me merry Christmas and a nice evening. Yeah, so much for this being a sincerely serious issue to them. They’re just saying such totally contrary stuff so that they can preserve their self-image of being a good person. It’s all about them and their bullshit.

One theme that persisted through all those interactions: I was practicing a socratic dialogue, and the simple inquiry about the reality at hand, about what I am supposedly blocking, either immediately silenced people, or made them actively refuse to tell me what they see, or make claims contrary to the obvious reality. Yeah, this is all too familiar. Cases like these, and you should remember that, are not some unconscious delusion. Those people KNOW very well that they are talking bullshit. They have made a conscious decision not to care about the facts; to sacrifice the truth so that they can continue their egomanic crusade.

Of all the people bothering me, only a single one so much as mentioned the mailbox, whose space my character kinda occupied. I then, again in the spirit of socratic dialogue, asked how she knows there is a mailbox there. (Because any idiot would have been able to access it without any problem.) Again, silence.

Also, one person actually gave me an answer to my question, about how my dragon mount is positioned, eliminating any doubt one could have had, about a possible desync between my and other clients or such.

One of the players who every now and then decdided to park his huge mount right on top of the presents (which actually makes it very easy to even see them, since the model is empty inside) summed it up nicely:
“You don’t cry over 100 people standing around there but as soon as 1 mount come, all hell breaks loose.”

And they’re complaining about ME?!
WoWScrnShot_122514_232234 (And they're complaining about me_!)

And this fact involves a case of amazing hypocrisy, because one guy who kept bothering me and didn’t tolerate my presence eventually parked his character right in front of some presents and went AFK, like so many other people that were collectively forming a visual barrier. And when he later came back and I pointed that out, he had the audacity to still act all righteous.
I ended the convo by saying I just realized he’s a retribution paladin and that I thus can’t enlighten him tonight. ^^

Now THAT’s a SOMEWHAT bigger issue, haha.
WoWScrnShot_122514_224249 (Now THAT's a slightly more justified issue, haha.)

The oddest convo I had, which makes me wonder whether one of the crazed lunatics set him up to it, was an apparently new player, level 13 char, who timidly asked me to stop blocking the quest objects, and when I told him that I already verified I am in fact not blocking them, the response was: “Oh, OK.” That really surprised me a little. But, it also motivated me to explain in more detail and give him hints about how to easily access visually blocked quest objects. It was the most intelligent conversation I had that evening with a player in Ironforge.

Reality check failed
WoWScrnShot_122614_011258 (Reality check failed)

Probably the most amusing dialogue was when someone – apparently meant sarcastically – asked me whether I could move my mount closer to the presents. That gave me the opportunity to reply that I don’t want to block Santa or the presents.
Again, silence after that, haha. The power of truth.

At some point I pondered the question whether I should feel sorry for the GMs being confronted with all that ridiculous report spam. But no, they designed the game in a way to attract the worst of society and encourage immaturity and rotten character, making no effort to direct young players towards maturity, which they totally could if they weren’t such money-grabbers.
They probably have an automated filtering system for player reports anyway.

This reminds me of two things:
1) An experience I had on the WoW forums long ago where people wasted an astonishing amount of energy with resisting simply helping me out with something just so that they could showcase their arrogant – and false – beliefs. Pompous blood elf paladins and wannabe-MVP draenei shamans and such. Eventually it took an orc death knight to get the job done. A “can do” guy among many naysayers. … And afterwards the egomaniacs were still attempting their control games and trying to save face. Here’s the link in case you’d like to know all the details:
2) Something I blogged about earlier that conveys the spirit in which I did what I did that evening:

When there is uproar among the lowly peasants, I just find it ado-rabble. ^^

CBS says “Merry Christmas” by blocking my treatise on racism

I uploaded a 5 minutes long clip from a Star Trek Enterprise episode, as illustration of a remarkable and to me memorable scene about a healthy way to deal with racism, and my attached extensive commentary on that topic in the video description, that I later extended into the comment section. (video title: “A wise way to approach racism (Star Trek: Enterprise)”)

This should qualify for Fair Use, and it should also be in everybody’s interest to keep it accessible for several reasons, among them for advertising a good show and for educating the public about racism. But, a long time since I uploaded the video, now it got blocked worldwide.
On one hand, I have ads disabled on my channel, but on the other hand this is quite a clear signal that my channel is non-commercial, AND as I said, this is covered by Fair Use.

Now here comes the usual crappy Youtube situation:
If I decide to dispute the claim, I cannot comment on that or ask whether it would do to modify its appearance or such. I can only tick a checkbox, which basically seems to start a legal process, which could end up in a pissing contest between laywers. Youtube states that if a claim is not valid, it will result in a copyright strike on the channel. But who decides whether it is valid, if I can’t even briefly explain my position? Not justice, not right, but a legal battle. Because, even if I was a lawyer myself, even a copyright lawyer, and was 100% sure that said video is covered by Fair Use, I would still have no guarantee whatsoever that I don’t get a strike on my channel. There’s no reasonable negotiating in this process. Automation equals dehumanization. And this is the often-criticized Youtube policy of encouraging corporate intimidation.

Nice implied statement about your views on racism there, CBS. Really skillful! And wonderful timing!

Life is not a zero sum game (unless you live it like one)

Society is massively influenced by people of great power, and great power is often attained through unhealthy motivations. The idea that life is a zero sum game, that if someone is better off, someone else must suffer, is just a belief that serves the convenience of those who willingly act based on their pain – or more accurate – their pain-avoidance.
Everybody could live a better, happier life. Now if you wonder why, if this is supposed to be a self-amplifying process, it doesn’t happen: That’s simply because of the equally powerful adverse belief system and people acting based on that.
It is more convenient to thrive while making others suffer from an egoistic viewpoint, thus it is a very tempting approach.
But again: The greatest obstacle in furthering happiness for everybody is rooted in certain beliefs, and the dependencies that come with them and make it difficult to abandon those beliefs. When pain-avoidance is the driving motivation for them, getting rid of them requires one to deal with the pain they shoved aside. They can receive support during that experience, but since they are so motivated by painful experiences, they will habitually resist to that, since it’s not part of their world view that people help others out of compassion. It requires will and effort to become a better person, and when there is no incentive, those will not be there. Power structures have been built in order to provide comfort zones for those who don’t want to better themselves.