Month: November 2014

Issue pamper circles

A sad phenomenon I used to encounter aplenty in World of Warcraft guilds, but also exists on the internet in general as a widespread thing, which expresses itself in a mindset I will picture in an artificial but representative example:

“The world is a shithole. And I believe I speak for everyone here when I say that we have all gathered here in agreement on that fact. Now you come and say it isn’t, and we find that very unsupportive. You should share our pain over the fact that the world is a shithole instead of being rude and uncaring.”

Sometimes comfort zones effectively are discomfort, and the path towards more comfort would require abandonment of the attachment to discomfort. But freeing oneself of that unhealthy emotional attachment can cause acute discomfort (basically a form of catharsis) that’s a lot worse than arranging oneself with the chronic level of discomfort. Thus, groups emerge where people are pampering their issues so that they can isolate themselves from healing impulses.
Just as forming a group with a noble aim can create massive empowerment, doing so with an ignoble aim can be massively disempowering. What it does empower though is pain, and more at the root, fear. And people who serve those masters are spreading their gospel.

Comfort the disturbed, but disturb the comfortable

I read about Anonymous’ Million Masks March in London, where it was said that peaceful protests are alright as long as people can go about their daily lives undisturbed. And I thought: Yeah, because that’s key. As long as people can stick to their daily routine, undisturbed, they can remain asleep and convenient and activism will not have relevant impact.

Convenient people NEED to be disturbed. It is their convenience that led to where we are now. The longer they remain in convenient ignorance, the harder the turnaround will hit them. This is how nature works.

If a minor disturbance in people’s daily life for the sake of awareness of the problems in the world is NOT tolerated by people, then that itself shows there is reason for them to get disturbed. The police automatically makes themselves the embodiment of the problem if they approach things with an absolutist mindset and don’t have the courage to give some leeway. Usually they’re too afraid of being replaced by another, more willing agent of rigorous order.
If you act out your fears (which is the short-term convenient choice and thus foolish), you become an agent of fear.