Adapting doesn’t mean learning

Girls liking boy stuff seems very much accepted now, but the other way round apparently is not at all. This shows that society hasn’t really LEARNED. People simply adapted their behavior because of peer pressure. Had society really wisened up from all the women’s liberation struggles and such that led to a present time where a girl wanting to become an engineer or just liking to play violent computer games is rarely condemned anymore, then there wouldn’t be so much of an issue with male fans of My Little Pony, since it’s just the other side of the exact same issue. This disparity might signal that there has been too much fighting and not enough teaching in women’s struggle for equal status in society. People still don’t grasp the concept of acceptance, tolerance and equality, but instead have been taught what is appropriate to think and what is not. This bears great potential for more double standards and hypocrisy in the future.

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