The fail-arrogance of big corporations

Recently I learned from a taxi driver that Daimler Benz follows a ‘philosophy’ of manipulating social processes because they think they’re doing something good, when in fact that’s not even the case.

Older Mercedes cars’ navigation systems would have a fixed estimate of 130 km/h for autobahn traffic. It’s appalling enough that you can’t set that parameter yourself, but the taxi driver told me that when he got a new Mercedes, suddenly his route planning wasn’t spot-on anymore, but it showed him a much longer travel time than what he actually achieved. He eventually found out that Daimler Benz had decided to change that fixed estimate down to 100 km/h. Why? Because they think they’re doing society a service by preventing people from putting themselves under pressure and hurry, which can increase accident risk and is generally not healthy. This is such a case of ‘Your corporate Big Brother knows best’. But apart from it being disrespectful towards the customer, it doesn’t even make sense. If the navi tells you that your travel will take four hours, and you want to hurry and/or be time-efficient, you will do that anyway, based on that travel time estimate. After the joruney you then might discover that the navi was grossly inaccurate and now you are even more pissed because you tried not to waste time but arrived way too early at your destination, and you’re also pissed because you paid big money for a Mercedes and the navi sucks.

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