You are dissed by Youtubers and maybe don’t even realize it

I sometimes see Youtubers writing in their video descriptions or saying in their videos things like “Remember to like, comment and subscribe” or “Don’t forget to like”. This is disrespectful. It implies that there is no reason whatsoever why someone might not do that. They might very well not have forgotten, but consciously decided not to. It’s only natural, makes perfect sense and happens way more often than the alternative. It can even feel a little arrogant at times. Imagine you watched a video, closed the page and the channel owner approached you: “Whoops, hey buddy, looks like you forgot to give me a rating there.” It is a mindset that doesn’t signal accepting the fact that the viewer has and should have a choice in the matter; is an individual and not just a means for the channel owner to gain popularity.

It’s worse in the case of asking for comments, because this is even more clearly about raising a video’s ranking through comment activity. A Youtuber should be interested in hearing what his audience has to say, not to get them to comment even if they don’t really have anything to say. And then there’s an even more severe version of this when a Youtuber might even state that he’s mostly just active on Twitter or such, or maybe not really responding at all, usually getting so many comments on videos that he could not possibly read even a fraction of them, but is still asking people to comment. That is slightly deceptive, asking people to spend their time doing something in the belief that the guy asking for comments would read them and/or actually care.

Another thing a Youtuber could do wrong at this point then is to spend video time and thus watcher time complaining and moaning about a minority of people giving negative unconstructive feedback, thus dissing not only the well-meaning watchers and commenters by not dedicating an appropriate percentage of his time to them, but also the negative-intentioned commenters for first basically asking them to always comment and then not liking what they have to say when urged to do so.

What I myself AM doing is asking people to consider giving feedback, as a reminder that support like that is very much appreciated. This in part is fueled by a repeated experience of people telling me how greatly they appreciate a comment I made, but didn’t give it an upvote. Kinda detracts a bit from the quality of their supposed appreciation. Reminding people of an option is a different thing than what I talked about above.

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