About the exactly equal pricing of Xbone and PS4

A peculiar thing about the current gaming consoles: Why is the kinect-less Xbox One now $399 – EXACTLY the same price as the PS4? Considering that ‘everybody’ uses the psychological trickery of the nines – trying to make a price look siginifcantly lower when it isn’t, why didn’t Microsoft, knowing that their console is somewhat less powerful than the PS4, set the price to $389? Even this is somewhat of a common marketing tactic: impairing comparability with the competition. Yet they didn’t do it.

The only explanation for that that I can think of right now if I consider them not to be fools is if they are already at the absolute minimum price they can afford to make and fear that if they slightly lowered the price of the Xbone, Sony would just nonchalantly follow suit and lower the PS4 price equally, thus hitting Microsoft much harder than Sony.

One comment

  1. Without knowing the cost to build & sell, my guess is in-line with your initial thought – Microsoft is hoping people see price equality as equality across the board. Add in the fact there are still many who see/know little difference between the two consoles and Microsoft wins.


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